What’s going on?

TheStory_480We’ve been reading The Story together! The Story is a collection of all the famous Bible stories, in chronological order. We’ve been reading a chapter each week in our homes and families. We’ve been discussing it in small groups or one-on-one. And the messages we’ve been hearing from the pulpit each Sunday are giving us additional insight about what we’re reading.

Now we are up to the point where Jesus arrives on the scene! Starting on May 8, the chapters we read will be from the New Testament—still in chronological order, still covering all the major stories. This is a great chance to join us. Pick up a copy of the book, and jump right in at Chapter 22!

What’s coming up?

BikerBlessing_480If you are a biker, passenger, or friend of a biker, bring your bike and join us for our first-ever Bike and Biker Blessing! After the 10:30am service on Sunday, May 22, we’ll gather on the Halsted side of the parking lot for a short, friendly ceremony. It’s a great way to start the riding season.

Anything else?

NeedPrayer_480Living Springs is a praying church. We pray because we know that God loves to hear from His people, and He loves to respond in generous and creative ways. At every worship service, we offer opportunities for people to come forward and receive prayer. And we invite people to fill out a “prayer card” if they have praises and concerns they want to share; those cards are read and prayed over several times throughout the week.

If you are not comfortable asking for prayer at a service, you can use this confidential email address to share a need: confidential@livingspringscc.org. Your email will be handled sensitively and prayed over sincerely.