What’s going on?

Remember when we talked about Kingdom Living in January? Well, there’s still more to learn! Our pastors are doing a reprise, and they’ll be bringing us additional information about living and working as God’s people day-to-day. That series starts on August 13—don’t miss it!

What’s coming up?

Living Springs Leadership Conference—it’s the Leadership Conference that’s not just for leaders! Join us on the Glenwood campus in Room 245 for a Saturday morning of vision, inspiration, and fun. Ideas discussed and processed at this gathering will determine the trajectory of Living Springs for at least the next 10 years! We need you there:

  • Saturday, August 19
  • 8:30am–12:15pm

Email info@livingspringscc.org for information or registration.

What else?

On “Church Night” at the stadium in Crestwood, churches are able to get blocks of tickets for $5.00 each. This year, “Church Night” is also “Star Wars Night”! We’re not exactly sure what that means, but we think there will be Star Wars characters there, along with music, fireworks, and some entertainment.

Anyone can cheer on the Windy City Thunderbolts on Church Night, but if you want the special ticket price, buy your tickets through Living Springs! Email or phone the office during regular business hours:


Contact Living Springs

In Glenwood—

Office hours are 8:30am–4:30pm, Monday–Friday.
Sunday services are at 9:00am and 10:30am almost every Sunday.

In Riverdale—

There are no office hours, but you can call the Glenwood location for information.
Sunday School is at 9:00am, and worship services are at 10:00am almost every Sunday.

14500 S. Clark Street, Riverdale IL 60827
You don’t have to be a member of either the Glenwood or the Riverdale congregation to feel welcome at any of our services. Living Springs is just a collection of people who are willing to admit we don’t have all the answers. We gather as friends and fellow seekers to help each other and to get help from God. Join us any time!