If you’re looking for a multi-cultural, Bible-reading, Spirit-filled, imperfect, evangelical church that really seeks to impact our community and our world,
you’re in the right place.

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Spirit-Filled Life
Following Easter, we’ll begin learning about the Holy Spirit and how Jesus’ followers can live a Spirit-filled life. God has provided an inexhaustible, free, readily available source of power—the person, power, and presence of the Holy Spirit. Are you ever tired, weary, burned-out, or struggling with burdens that just seem overwhelming? In this Message series and the Reset Renewal Weekend (May 16-18) we will discover how living by the Spirit can energize us, free us, and help us experience the power of God. The series will encourage us to stop, reset, refocus, and relaunch our lives filled with God’s Spirit.

What else?

We’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what “discipleship” is and what “disciples” do. When you’re in the Living Springs lobby, make sure you stop and look at the giant Discipleship Highway poster. All the dots on the highway represent members of the Living Springs family, so you can see what we look like as a group of disciples making disciples.

If you would like to find out where YOU are on the highway, you can download the Discipleship Survey, print it, and complete it. It’s a 20-question survey, and your score will give you an idea of which discipleship habits you have mastered.