What’s going on?

WorldImpact2015_480Throughout the year we’ve been talking about what it means to be disciples of Jesus. “Just Live It” is our theme. Living as a disciple in America might look different from living as a disciple in Indonesia or Kenya or Honduras, but the basic principles are the same: Get to know Jesus by reading His Word and talking to Him about it, and get to know others who might want to get to know Jesus too.

Each year, our Great Commission Team organizes a “World Impact Sunday” that gives us an opportunity to hear firsthand from our fellow disciples in other cultures. These are ordinary Christians who are “Just Living It” in different situations. Hearing their stories can encourage us to “Just Live It” in our own homes, schools, and places of work. Don’t miss World Impact Sunday on May 3!

What’s coming up?

We’ve got a new series planned to launch on May 10, but we’re not sure yet what it will be about! As soon as the plan is finalized, we’ll post the information right here.