What’s going on?

“Wisdom literature” is an important part of the Bible. The wisdom books (Proverbs, for example) were written by sages and kings to help guide God’s children in a pagan world. The wisdom books wrestle with questions about sin and suffering, doubt and fear, love and sex, money and meaning. We need this ancient wisdom even today—because other voices in our world try to confuse and deceive us. So we are spending the summer learning to discern wisdom from foolishness by applying the Bible’s timeless advice to today’s tricky times.

What’s coming up?


Summer at Living Springs usually follows a slightly more relaxed schedule than the regular church season. Many of our normal programs take a break, but we have other ways to connect with each other. Baseball games, car shows, golf outings, parades—details of all these and more are listed in our Summer Celebration brochure. Click the link below to download a PDF that you can print and refer to throughout the summer: