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If you’re looking for a multi-cultural, Bible-reading, Spirit-filled, imperfect, evangelical church that really seeks to impact our community and our world,
you’re in the right place.

Take a look around this site to find out what we believe, what we value, and what we do.

What’s going on?

DiscoverTheBible_480We will finish our Discover the Bible series this Sunday. The series has highlighted some of the classic Bible stories and characters, in order to give us a basic outline of the entire story. In fact, it’s been a good preparation for our upcoming series….

What’s coming up?

JustLiveIt_480We’ve launched a new season of ministry, under the theme Just Live It. And our Just Live It series of messages will help us understand that theme so we can put it into practice throughout the year.

Nike’s motto, Just Do It, is straightforward and memorable. Our motto is too, but it goes deeper. It’s a reminder that being a Christian, a disciple, a member of God’s Church—that’s more than a Sunday thing. It’s our whole lives. As followers of Christ, we need to live in a way that everyone around us sees and is attracted to the beauty and power of Christ in us. The message series will teach through John 6, examining how Jesus lived and taught His disciples to live with intentional influence. Jesus’ strategy for communicating the Good News to people who were spiritually indifferent gives us a blueprint for reaching those same kind of people today.

If you need a Just Live It wristband to keep the idea in front of you, contact the church office. And when you see someone else with a Just Live It wristband, don’t be afraid to ask how they are living the Bible’s teachings today! Just Live It is simple, but difficult, so we need to encourage each other!

What else?

Facebook-Like_200For a glimpse of what happens at each Sunday’s services, take a look at the Living Springs Facebook page. We post photos, videos, comments, and questions. Make sure to Like the page if you want all this good stuff to show up in your Newsfeed!