If you’re looking for a multi-cultural, Bible-reading, Spirit-filled, imperfect, evangelical church that really seeks to impact our community and our world,
you’re in the right place.

Take a look around this site to find out what we believe, what we value, and what we do.

What’s going on?

DiscoverTheBible_480This summer we will spend some time Discovering the Bible together. It’s an eight-week series of messages that uses clips from The Bible miniseries to help illustrate some of the classic Bible stories and characters. Our goal is to help people see the big-picture flow of the Bible as well as the relevance of old stories for modern lives. This would be a good series to invite your friends and neighbors to!

What’s coming up?

WorshipNight_480Come spend a Friday night in the presence of God. Unhindered by the clock and the busy-ness of our Sunday-morning family gatherings, Friday night Worship Nights give us a chance to simply praise.

What else?

Facebook-Like_200For a glimpse of what happens at each Sunday’s services, take a look at the Living Springs Facebook page. We post photos, videos, comments, and questions. Make sure to Like the page if you want all this good stuff to show up in your Newsfeed!