What’s going on?

ThanksgivingBlessings_480We are already looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with our traditional Thanksgiving Testimony Service. Thanksgiving Day is November 26 this year, and the service begins at 10:00am. It’s an opportunity to hear 7 or 8 three-minute stories from ordinary people who are grateful about something specific God did in the past year. So, before your family Thanksgiving feast, come out and feast on examples of God’s goodness! It’s a great way to start the season.

What’s coming up?

We don’t like to rush through Thanksgiving, but we do want to give families a heads-up about the Christmas program. This year, the program will be on Sunday, December 20, at 10:30am (taking the place of our second service). The program is called “The Light Has Come,” and the directors are looking for children who are interested in special speaking parts and singing parts. We could also use some parent volunteers to help on the morning of the program. And mark your calendars now—there is a rehearsal scheduled for Saturday, December 19, at 9:00am.

What else?

TheStory_480The Living Springs family is studying The Story together! What’s The Story? It’s a Bible that’s easier to read. According to thestory.com, “The Story is an abridged, chronological Bible that reads like a novel. There are no verse references, and Scripture segments are seamlessly woven together with transition text into a single grand narrative. For those intimidated or overwhelmed by the unabridged Bible, The Story helps people understand God’s Word more fully and engage with it more easily.”

Living Springs believes that God’s Word is essential reading for disciples who want to make disciples. And we understand that the Bible can be a difficult book to read—because it’s actually a collection of many different books, written by different people, for different people, at different times, in different styles. It is absolutely relevant to us today, but it can be hard to relate to without a little context. We think The Story will help us see the context. And we believe that reading it together will give us additional support.

Here’s a promo video of people from other churches who studied The Story together: