When you think of Bible Heroes, or Heroes of the Faith, who comes to mind? There are lots of big names that you may have learned in Sunday School, people who accomplished great things, or overcame enormous obstacles, or won great victories, or spoke boldly to powerful people. All of these “heroes” are ordinary people, and we can learn from their example. These characters inspire, challenge, and encourage by their humanity. And they remind us that there is really one main hero in the Bible—God. When we allow Him to clothe us in his superpowers, He can use us in heroic ways.

May 13—Mothers Day

We took some time to bless our mothers during the Mothers Day service at Living Springs. Then Randle Elmore preached about Psalm 91 and promises we can stand on.

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May 20—When a hero falls—and what we can learn from it

Pastor Dave reminded us that heroes are ordinary people, so they have flaws too. “But David found strength in the Lord his God.” (1 Samuel 30:6)

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May 27—Heroes: Becoming a voice in the wilderness

Rich Albrecht chose John the Baptist as one of his favorite Bible heroes. John the Baptist understood that his purpose was to attract people to Jesus, not to himself.

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June 3—Shero

Pastor Ann brought us a message from Luke 8, about some ordinary women in the Bible who played an important role in building the Church.

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June 10—Volunteer Appreciation Sunday

Living Springs is blessed by the heroic efforts of dozens of volunteers. We kicked off our summer schedule this morning by expressing appreciation to the volunteers who work all year long to make sure ministry happens. Nicole St. Victor brought us a word from Isaiah 58 about church families and ministry families.

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June 17—Fathers Day

Fathers are heroes too, and we honored them in today’s service. Then we learned about the Apostle Paul, a hero who stayed passionate for Jesus through his entire life.

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June 24—Unsung Heroes

Randle Elmore closed out our Heroes series with a story about a little-known Bible character who helped the prophet Jeremiah.

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