Acts 29: The Movement Continues

The book of Acts is one of the most exciting and action-packed books of the Bible. Acts is about the power of the Holy Spirit transforming a ragtag group of disciples into the greatest spiritual movement the world has ever known. It’s about the Spirit bringing courage to proclaim the good news about Jesus in the face of persecution, beatings, imprisonment, and death. It is a story of the Spirit birthing the church. The Bible’s book of Acts has only 28 chapters, but we believe it is a continuing narrative that the Holy Spirit is still writing today as he builds his Church and Kingdom through us! This series will be Part 1 of an ongoing study that will continue in the year to come.

November 11

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November 18

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November 22—Thanksgiving

It’s a Living Springs Thanksgiving tradition to spend time together hearing 6 or 7 people share stories of how God has showed up in their lives during the past year. It’s a morning full of examples of how the movement of the Holy Spirit continues to build His living Church today.

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November 25

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December 2

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