40 Days of Prayer

Our first Sunday of Lent began a church-wide campaign to unite us in prayer. Together we learned how to pray with more confidence and greater faith than ever before. Whether you are in a difficult personal situation, family crisis, work tension, or community conflict, you need a breakthrough. And breakthroughs always begin with prayer.

February 18—The Call

When it comes to our faith, the Bible says we are not meant to remain as children but instead to grow up in Christ. Pastor Dave launched our 40 Days of Prayer series by giving us a glimpse of the life God is calling us to.

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February 25—Finding Your Prayer Voice

When it comes to prayer, we often treat it like a magic wand that we wave at God when we want our dreams to come true. But the Bible teaches us that prayer is a relationship with God, and not an enchanted tool. In this message, Randle Elmore used the story of Hannah’s prayer as an example to help us understand prayer as conversation.

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March 4—Hearing God’s Voice

When we understand that prayer is simply conversation with God, we begin to realize that good conversation involves listening as well as talking. Pastor Dave brought us a message about hearing the voice of God.

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March 11—Fast Forward

Fasting is appropriate during the season of Lent, as we remember the suffering Jesus went through on our behalf. Rich Albrecht shared some Scripture about how prayer and fasting can move us forward spiritually.

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March 18—The Foundation of Breakthrough

Our understanding of who God is deeply impacts our prayer life. When we understand that God is great and He’s also good, we start to see the benefits of being His sons and daughters. Pastor Dave shared about God’s plans, provision, and power for His children.

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March 25—Restoration and Healing

Because we live in a broken world, we all need some kind of healing or restoration, whether we’re aware of it or not. Randle Elmore led an examination of the conditions for healing and restoration in any area of our lives. We also had an opportunity to write down our concerns and physically place them at the altar.

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March 29—Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday is a special time of reflection at Living Springs. Robyn Jackson led us in Scripture and ceremony.

April 1—Easter

Easter is the ultimate breakthrough! Christ shattered the power of death—and in doing so, He set us all free. Pastor Dave’s Easter message marked the end of our 40 Days of Prayer series and led into a continued focus on breakthrough.

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