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The Living Springs family is full of honest, hardworking people in a variety of industries. The Living Springs Yellow Pages is full of their contact information! Download the PDF so you have this resource on hand next time you need help from someone you already have a connection with.

The Saltshaker

The Saltshaker is Living Springs’ monthly newsletter. It contains articles from ministry leaders, pastors, and regular people, all designed to help connect us as a family. Paper copies are put in people’s mailboxes at the church building the week before the beginning of each month. PDFs are then posted to this page for online reference and convenient download.

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Pastor Dave’s Sabbatical Reflections

After two decades of ministry at an increasingly frenetic pace, Pastor Dave took a Sabbatical during the summer of 2011. He came back to the Living Springs family refreshed and refocused. This document shares some of the insights he gained during his time with God.

Sabbatical Reflections (PDF)

Pastor Jason’s Teachings on Sexual Morality

Nearly three decades of serving as a conference speaker, youth pastor, campus minister, and mentor have given Pastor Jason significant insight into youth culture. This article appeared in CSE, Volume 9, Number 1.

Father Knows Best (PDF)

Tim Vink’s Workshop on Healing and God’s Kingdom

In 2010 we had Rev. Tim Vink join us for a Renewal Weekend that focused on healing. Some of his teachings and handouts are available for download in this PDF.

Following Jesus, the Healer (PDF)