Living Springs Preschool provides a secure, caring environment in which children ages 3–5 are guided in academic, social, and spiritual development. Our goal is to make sure their first school experience is positive!

Licensed caring

We are a not-for-profit organization that has been state-licensed since 1984. Students get the benefits of a ministry mindset, with the structured, quality oversight of state regulations:

  • Warm, caring atmosphere
  • Christian principles, songs, and Bible stories—with no doctrinal emphasis
  • Multicultural materials that stress appreciation of all cultural backgrounds
  • Skilled, experienced teachers
  • Good teacher/student ratio—students receive plenty of individualized attention

Learning environment

The entire atmosphere at Living Springs Preschool is conducive to learning:

  • Non-sugared snacks are provided daily
  • Bathrooms are adjacent to the classrooms
  • A Family Resource Library is available to students and their parents
  • The playground and wooded hiking trail provide opportunities for fresh air, exercise, and learning about creation
  • Extended Day programs are available for parents who work long hours
  • A 10-week summer camp is available for additional learning and social opportunities

Comprehensive curriculum

At Living Springs Preschool, we consider each child unique, and we adapt our curriculum to different learning styles and individual needs. The program meets all age-appropriate Illinois State Goals and consists of:

  • Developing appropriate life skills (independent toileting; putting on coats, hats, and mittens; cleaning up toys)
  • Developing social skills (sharing, taking turns, respecting others)
  • Developing language skills through book reading, story writing (as dictated to teachers), and finger plays
  • Developing an appreciation for art and music through experimentation with a variety of mediums, active listening, singing, rhythms, and dance
  • Large-muscle development through playground and indoor activities
  • Hands-on science and math activities
  • Familiarity with Bible stories that teach about love, creation, obedience, honesty, and caring for others

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Contact our Preschool Director to ask questions or begin the enrollment process:

  • 708-709-0100