Vision 2017

by Pastor Dave

As we stand at the brink of a new ministry year, it is a time filled with new possibilities. This is not hype—I really believe we are in for an exciting year. God has birthed tremendous vision in my heart, and I am genuinely excited to share that with you.

One (main) thing

When Jesus left Planet Earth, He gave us one command: Go make disciples of all nations…baptize them…and teach them to obey all I have commanded you. (Matthew 28:19-20) Jesus didn’t say gather big crowds, build elaborate buildings, have 50+ programs, etc. Those things are not bad in and of themselves, but they can create busy-ness that keeps us from our main purpose—making disciples. In all of our busyness, if we are not making disciples who make disciples, we have missed our purpose.

This, by the way, is our mission at Living Springs: Becoming disciples who make disciples—our journey with Christ and with others toward Christ and His Kingdom.

The good

I feel like God has given me a vision for the rest of my life. If I personally, in the next decade or so, could disciple just a few people every year, who would then pour their lives into others—in just 16 years my life would impact 64,000 people!

And what if every one of us were to do that? It would change the world!

That was Jesus’ primary dream, and it is mine as well. It may sound impossible, but if Jesus told us to do it, then it is more than possible!

The bad (or challenging)

Many people (including many at Living Springs) say or feel, “I don’t feel qualified to disciple others,” or “I don’t know how,” or “I don’t have the tools or the time.” We have talked about discipleship for a long time, but we never really had a process, plan, or tool. Now we do.

The exciting

This is what I am so excited to pass along to you: I believe God has shared with us a very practical vision, a reproducible process, and an accessible tool for getting each of us engaged in disciple-making. As we all get involved, we will change our lives, change our church, and impact our world in an unprecedented way.


To engage each person at Living Springs in a disciple-making process—grow, gather, and go! I really believe that the Lord birthed in my heart these three words that capture the heart of Jesus’ plan for disciple-making.

  1. Grow. This is growing in our relationship with Christ and becoming more like Him. Central to this is learning to feed ourselves by learning to read God’s Word, hear His voice, apply God’s Word to our lives, and have a conversational relationship with Jesus.
  2. Gather. We grow best in relationship with others. We will never grow to the fullness of our God-given potential on our own. Jesus modeled how to make disciples—He gathered 12 people (disciples), shared life with them, and sent them out to do the same with others. These 12 men, empowered by the Holy Spirit, changed the world. Discipleship is accomplished in intentional relationships.
  3. Go. It is not enough just to grow and gather—we are called to go and make disciples, to go and impact the world (to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth). God has given to each one gifts and talents and passions to use to make a difference. We can’t do everything, but we are called to do something.

The Tool: D-LIFE

Here’s where things get exciting. Almost by accident we came across a tool called D-LIFE. It’s an organic, simple, and intentional process for equipping all believers for a lifestyle of making and multiplying disciples. When you look at this tool, you can see that it is actually a very practical tool to facilitate Grow, Gather, Go:

  • Grow—There is a daily Bible-reading plan with a tool to help apply God’s Word to our lives.
  • Gather—A simple Bible study gets everyone in a group involved in learning and discussing.
  • Go—Every Group is encouraged to do a bi-monthly mission project to make a difference!

I hope every person at Living Springs will get into some kind of G-group (Grow, Gather, Go-Group). These might be groups of 2–12 people.

The App

It gets more exciting: We will soon be launching a new Living Springs App for all smartphones/tablets! Discipleship at your fingertips—very cool!

Boot Camp

(If things get more exciting I may need medical attention.) Dr. Bill and Rondie Wilks, who developed the D-Life Process, will be joining us from Alabama to do a one morning Training Event called Boot Camp:

  • When: Saturday, September 16, 8:30am-12:15pm
  • What: To equip every person to be a disciple-maker
  • Who: Everybody! We would love to see the whole church family there!

Imagine if every one of us at Living Springs would be growing, gathering, and going? It would change our church, community, and world!

Don’t miss out!