Vision / Mission / Values

Living Springs’ Vision (what we see)

A vision statement is a description of the reality we are working to achieve.

Living Springs’ official vision statement is: “Igniting a movement of Spirit-filled, multi-cultural churches that radically blesses our communities and beyond.” The shorthand version of that is: “Loving God. Coming together. Making a difference.”

To the Living Springs family, these are not just words on a website; this is a calling we all participate in.

Living Springs’ Mission (what we do)

A mission statement describes the work we do in order to achieve our vision.

Inspired by the above vision, the Living Springs family is invested in ministries and programs that specifically accomplish the following five areas of mission:

  • Reaching the spiritually unconnected
  • Connecting people to Christ and His Church
  • Growing together spiritually
  • Serving in a meaningful ministry
  • Celebrating in worship and lifestyle

Living Springs’ Values (who we are)

A values statement describes the underlying truths or character traits that influence both the vision we want to achieve and the mission we engage in to achieve it.

Underlying our mission and our vision, these values guide Living Springs’ decision-making and our investments of time and resources:

  • Developing genuine spirituality
  • Actively seeking the lost
  • Showing compassion for the hurting
  • Empowering the next generation
  • Being intentionally inclusive
  • Connecting in relationship
  • Multiplying leaders

How about you?

If you identify with Living Springs’ vision, mission, and values, and you want to learn more, sit in on our next Membership Class. (Just because you take the class doesn’t mean you have to become a member!) Our pastors lead three sessions each year, and they explain what this church family believes and how we live out our beliefs. People who then decide to join the family are welcomed at a special ceremony during a worship service. For information about the next Membership Class, email