About Us

One church family. Two locations

The Living Springs family meets in Glenwood and in Riverdale, Illinois. At both these locations we are all about Loving God, Coming Together, and Making a Difference.

Loving God

Living Springs is a family of people who not only believe in God, but also love Him and want to do what He says.

Coming together

We come together every weekend to get recharged for the week ahead. We come together throughout the week at various homes and meeting places to put our faith into action in dozens of different ministries. Black, white, and brown; old, young, and middle-aged; married, single, rich and poor—we belong to each other, and each of us needs all the others.

Making a difference

We are so grateful for the difference God makes in our own lives, we want to make a difference in other people’s lives! In our own church family, throughout our community, across state lines, and around the globe, God is using us—and we are loving the adventure!

He could use you too.

Take a look at our Ministries page to find a way you can make a difference….

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