The Story:
Discussing Chapter 26

by Living Springs Community Church on June 5, 2016


“The Story” is an opportunity to experience the Bible in its chronological order. The Living Springs family is reading The Story together during the week, and our Sunday messages will help us process and apply what we’ve been reading. If you are in a group or family that is studying The Story together, you can use the questions below to spark discussion.

Chapter 26: The Hour of Darkness

Based on Matthew 26–27; Mark 14–15; Luke 22–23; John 13–14 and 16–19

  • The Lord’s Supper
  • Jesus washes His disciples’ feet
  • Jesus comforts his disciples
  • Jesus is arrested
  • Peter denies Jesus
  • Jesus is crucified

Breaking the ice

Share some memories about your first communion, or share your impressions of the traditions surrounding our communion practices. How similar or different is communion today compared to the first Lord’s supper?

Digging in

Jesus knew He was going to die, and He spent His last few hours with His disciples. They prepared a traditional Passover meal, but this was no ordinary Passover. At this “last supper,” Jesus taught His disciples a memorable lesson by washing their feet. He even washed Judas’ feet, though He knew Judas would betray Him. Then He took the unleavened bread and the cup of wine from the Passover meal, and He instituted the New Covenant.


  1. Take a look at the Passover story we read in the Old Testament, the story of the night God delivered His people from slavery in Egypt (Exodus 12). How does that story add meaning to the story of Jesus’ last supper?
  2. What was Jesus trying to teach His disciples when He washed their feet? What is He trying to teach you through this story?
  3. How is the Holy Spirit described on page 370? In what ways do you experience the Holy Spirit in your life?
  4. What can we learn about Jesus from the story of His time in the Garden of Gethsemane (pp. 372–373)? What can we learn about prayer?
  5. The Sanhedrin could build a case against Jesus. (Jewish law required two witnesses.) Three times Pilate declared, “I find no basis for a charge against him.” Why is this important? Why was Jesus crucified?


Spend some time thanking God for His faithfulness in fulfilling His promises, and for His willingness to die in our place.


For next week…

Chapter 27: The Resurrection

Based on Matthew 26–27; Mark 16; Luke 24; John 19–21

  • Jesus is buried
  • Jesus rises
  • Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene and the disciples


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