The Story:
Discussing Chapter 10

by Living Springs Community Church on January 16, 2016


“The Story” is an opportunity to experience the Bible in its chronological order. The Living Springs family is reading The Story together during the week, and our Sunday messages will help us process and apply what we’ve been reading. If you are in a group or family that is studying The Story together, you can use the questions below to spark discussion.

Chapter 10: Standing Tall, Falling Hard

Based on 1 Samuel 1–4, 8–13, and 15:

  • Hannah gives birth to Samuel
  • Samuel ministers under Eli
  • The Israelites ask for a king
  • Saul’s reign

Breaking the ice

What do you think the voice of the Lord sounds like?

Digging in

The story of Samuel marks Israel’s transition from the leadership of judges to the rule of kings. Unfortunately, there was no transition from disobedience to obedience, so Israel continued their cycle of sin and consequences.


  1. What do you learn about prayer from Hannah?
  2. What do you learn about prayer from Samuel?
  3. Samuel was in a position where he had to speak a difficult truth to a friend and authority figure—Eli. Have you ever been in a similar situation?
  4. The Israelites and the Philistines both treated the Ark of the Covenant like a good luck charm, rather than the sacred presence of a holy God. Are there any religious symbols, objects, or traditions in our homes or churches today that we treat the same way? What’s the difference between superstition and respect?
  5. It seems like God gave in to Israel’s request for a king even though He knew it wasn’t the best path for them. What do you think His reasoning was?


Spend some time praying for our nation’s political leaders. Pray too for wisdom and discernment throughout the political process we go through in choosing our next leaders.


For next week…

Chapter 11: From Shepherd to King

Based on 1 Samuel 16, 17, 18, 24, 31; 2 Samuel 6 and 22; 1 Chronicles 17; and Psalm 59:

  • Samuel anoints David
  • David kills Goliath
  • Saul repeatedly tries to kill David
  • Saul dies
  • David is named king

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