The Story:
Discussing Chapter 5

by Living Springs Community Church on November 29, 2015


“The Story” is an opportunity to experience the Bible in its chronological order. The Living Springs family is reading The Story together during the week, and our Sunday messages will help us process and apply what we’ve been reading. If you are in a group or family that is studying The Story together, you can use the questions below to spark discussion.

Chapter 5: New Commands and a New Covenant

Based on Exodus 19–20, 24–25, 32–34, and 40:

  • Moses receives the Ten Commandments
  • Moses spends 40 days and nights on Mount Sinai
  • Aaron and the golden calf
  • Building the tabernacle

Breaking the ice

Talk about a time when you were in an unfamiliar place and felt lost. How long did you wander around?

Digging in

The people of Israel had been slaves in Egypt for many generations. Part of God’s deliverance for them was to give them a new identity—and this was one reason for the commandments. The commandments were not only practical disciplines for living well; they also defined the new nation in a way that set them apart from other nations: “We have only one God. …He expects us to respect Him. …He expects us to respect each other. We are His people.” It took a long time for the Israelites to unlearn the culture of Egypt. In the same way, it takes us a long time to unlearn the culture of sin God calls us out of.


  1. When you read that God is holy, what does that mean to you? How can God be holy and still be approachable?
  2. Page 67 tells us that God talked to Moses “as one speaks to a friend.” On the scale below, how would you rate your relationship with God?
    o 1 (we’re not speaking)
    o 5 (we talk when I need something)
    o 9 (I love chatting with Him!)
    What do you think it would take to have the kind of relationship with God that Moses had?
  3. On page 68, God tells Moses that children live with the consequences of their parents’ sins. How have your parents’ choices impacted your life, for good or bad? How are your choices affecting your children’s lives?
  4. In his 11/29 message, Rich Albrecht highlighted four attributes of God’s personality that come through in this chapter of The Story: God is merciful, gracious, slow to anger, and abundantly loving and faithful. Which of these attributes is most important to you right now?


Thank God for the commands He gives His people. Ask forgiveness for any that you have not taken seriously, and ask for the strength to start fresh this week.


For next week…

Chapter 6: Wandering

Based on Numbers 10–14, 20, 21, 25, and 27; and Deuteronomy 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 29, 30, 31, 32, and 34:

  • Wilderness wanderings
  • God sends quail and manna
  • Spies are sent to Canaan
  • Aaron dies
  • The Israelites camp in the plains of Moab

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