The Story:
Discussing Chapter 2

by Living Springs Community Church on November 8, 2015


“The Story” is an opportunity to experience the Bible in its chronological order. The Living Springs family is reading The Story together during the week, and our Sunday messages will help us process and apply what we’ve been reading. If you are in a group or family that is studying The Story together, you can use the questions below to spark discussion.

Chapter 2: God builds a nation

Based on these chapters from Genesis: 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 32, 33, 35; as well as Romans 4 and Hebrews 11

  • Abram moves to Canaan
  • Isaac is born
  • Isaac becomes a sacrifice
  • Rebekah gives birth to Jacob and Esau
  • Abraham dies
  • Rachel gives birth to Joseph
  • Isaac dies

Breaking the ice

Talk about a time when a prized possession was lost or destroyed. Maybe it was a childhood toy, or an heirloom from a beloved family member, or a favorite shirt—what did you learn through the loss?

Digging in

In this chapter of The Story we see God using broken people to fulfill His unbreakable promise. In spite of their failures, God’s people respond in faith, and God’s promise is fulfilled. What do you think about a God who uses flawed people for such important work?


  1. Talk about a time when you had to leave behind something familiar or comfortable and head out into the unknown.
  2. Abraham received a special blessing from God, and with that blessing came the responsibility to bless others. In what ways does this concept of “blessed to be a blessing” play out in your life?
  3. Abraham’s story is a story of faith being exercised through a series of tests. What “faith tests” have you been through lately?
  4. Sometimes God takes a long time to fulfill the promises He makes. Are you currently waiting for something from God? What is your attitude while you are waiting?
  5. Jacob and Esau were brothers who had a difficult relationship. What can you learn from their story to apply to relationships in your own family?


Pray for opportunities this week to be a blessing.


For next week…

Chapter 3: Joseph—from slave to Deputy Pharaoh

Based on Genesis 37, 39, 41–48, and 50, which includes these events:

  • Joseph is sold into slavery in Egypt
  • Jacob and family settle in Egypt
  • Jacob dies
  • Joseph dies

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