Journey readings:
October 19 – October 24, 2015

by Living Springs Community Church on October 16, 2015

 journey_480“The Journey” is Living Springs’ commitment to read a chapter of the Bible every day. We all follow the same reading schedule so that we can encourage each other along the way. And our pastors post occasional blogs about the readings to instruct and inspire us.

Want to join? This week’s daily readings are listed below, along with questions to guide your reading. To receive each week’s readings in your email, sign up for the Journey blog!

 Jeremiah 19

What did the broken flask represent?  What will the people eat in their desperation to survive the siege that will come upon them?

 Jeremiah 20

What would happen to Pashhur?

 Jeremiah 21

What message was delivered concerning Jerusalem?  What message was sent to the house of the king of Judah?

 Jeremiah 22

What was a sign of a king who knew God?  When were the messages delivered concerning the sons of King Josiah?

 Jeremiah 23

Who is the branch of righteousness that would reign in Judah and all Israel?  Who made the people worthless before God?  What oracle of the Lord was to be given to the people, prophets, and priests?

 Jeremiah 24

Who are the good figs and bad figs?  What hope does God have between the good and bad figs?

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