Journey readings:
August 10 – August 15, 2015

by Living Springs Community Church on August 7, 2015

 journey_480“The Journey” is Living Springs’ commitment to read a chapter of the Bible every day. We all follow the same reading schedule so that we can encourage each other along the way. And our pastors post occasional blogs about the readings to instruct and inspire us.

Want to join? This week’s daily readings are listed below, along with questions to guide your reading. To receive each week’s readings in your email, sign up for the Journey blog!

 Ephesians 1

What did God want man to be even before the foundation of the world?  Who has redemption and forgiveness through the blood of Jesus?  What did God predestine for us?

 Ephesians 2

What did God expect of us from the beginning?  How were the Gentiles once aliens from the Israelites?  What two things did Jesus make as one?

 Ephesians 3

How are we strengthened by God?  In what are we strengthened?  Whose fullness should we be filled with?

 Ephesians 4

What did Paul want from the Jews and Gentiles?  What did Christ lead captive?  What is the desired result of the ministries of the body of believers?

 Ephesians 5

What does “being filled by the Spirit” mean?  How does Paul say that we are cleansed?  How do we become one with God as a husband and wife become one?

 Ephesians 6

What is the promise that comes with honoring your parents?  What should parents teach their children?  If you do good to others, what can you expect from the Lord?


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