Journey readings:
August 19 – August 24, 2013

by Living Springs Community Church on August 16, 2013

“The Journey” is Living Springs’ commitment to read at least a chapter of the Bible every day. We all follow the same reading schedule so that we can encourage each other along the way. And our pastors post occasional blogs about the readings to instruct and inspire us.

Want to join the Journey? This week’s daily readings are listed below, along with some questions to guide your reading. Sign up for the Journey blog, and you’ll receive the weekly reading schedule in your email inbox!

 Leviticus 11

What type of animals could the children of Israel eat?  In general, what types of birds were not allowed to be eaten?  What did the people have to do if they touched any unclean animal or the carcass of any unclean thing?  

 Leviticus 12

How long would a woman be unclean after having a son?  What was done to the son on the 8th day after he was born?  What was the length of the mother’s purification period? 

 Leviticus 13

What was the purpose of isolating someone who was unclean with a  leprous type skin disease?  Who told the priest exactly what to look for in determining whether someone was clean or unclean? 

 Leviticus 14

What did someone with the leprous disease usually have to do to clean himself?  What was the length of time one had to wait to be checked for cleanness?  If a house had a mildew inside of it, what was first done to make it clean?  If a house could not be cleaned, what would be done with it? 

 Leviticus 15

For people who had a discharge, how long would they be unclean?  What would they have to do to be ceremonially clean?  Could a man touch a woman who was in her monthly impurity? 

 Leviticus 16

What was the Day of Atonement for the people of Israel?  How often was this done?  What was the major difference between this offering and other offerings?

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