Journey readings:
June 17 – June 22, 2013

by Living Springs Community Church on June 14, 2013

“The Journey” is Living Springs’ commitment to read at least a chapter of the Bible every day. We all follow the same reading schedule so that we can encourage each other along the way. And our pastors post occasional blogs about the readings to instruct and inspire us.

Want to join the Journey? This week’s daily readings are listed below, along with some questions to guide your reading. Sign up for the Journey blog, and you’ll receive the weekly reading schedule in your email inbox!

 Job 15

How does Eliphaz respond to Job?  What does Eliphaz say about Job’s wisdom?  According to Eliphaz, how is man less clean than the angels?  What happens to the wicked man? 

 Job 16

What does Job say about the comfort of his friends?  What does Job think God feels about him?  How has Job responded to God’s oppression? 

 Job 17

What does Job say about his friends understanding?  How does Job feel God has made him before people?  What will happen to Job’s hope his friends say is coming? 

 Job 18

What is Bildad’s general opinion of Job’s condition and the wicked? 

 Job 19

What does Job feel God has done to him?  What faith does Job profess?  What does Job hope to hear from his friends?  What warning does Job give to his friends? 

 Job 20

According to Zophar, what is the destiny or fate of the wicked man?

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