You’ve Got Gifts!

by mjongsma on May 28, 2013

As you read the intricate details about the construction of the Tent of Meeting, I want to challenge you to not lose sight of the people responsible for their execution. I want to point to a few verses and make several observations to this end.

“The Lord has gifted Bezalel, Oholiab, and the other skilled craftsmen with wisdom and ability to perform any task involved in building the sanctuary. Let them construct and furnish the Tabernacle, just as the Lord has commanded. So Moses summoned Bezalel and Oholiab and all the others who were specially gifted by the Lord and were eager to get to work.  Moses gave them the materials donated by the people of Israel as sacred offerings for the completion of the sanctuary. But the people continued to bring additional gifts each morning.” (Exodus 36:1-3)

“So the people of Israel followed all of the Lord’s instructions to Moses.  Then Moses inspected all their work. When he found it had been done just as the Lord had commanded him, he blessed them” (Ex. 39:42-43).

  • The work of God is too big and too important to be accomplished by a single person.
  • Cheerfully acknowledge and humbly engage the gifts of others to help you accomplish the work God has given you.
  • There are a variety of gifts – leadership, service, financial, abilities, etc. – but they all come from God.
  • Being asked to use your God-given skills for God-ordained purposes is not an imposition, but a privilege.
  • Our capacity to accomplish exceedingly great things for God is unlocked by our availability to be used by God, our faithfulness to the task to which he has called us and our obedience to do things the way he instructs us to do them.
  • Our spiritual gifts are to be developed and maximized.
  • Knowing and using your gifts brings glory to God, blesses us and blesses others.

How well are you using your gifts?

Pastor Jason

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