Renewal Reading—May 17

by mjongsma on May 17, 2013

Living Beyond the Veil


Exodus 19:1–14


Verse 10: Then the Lord told Moses, “Go down and prepare the people for my arrival. Consecrate them today and tomorrow, and have them wash their clothing.”


A recent newspaper article stated that current college graduates are missing out on jobs because of poor job interview performances. One executive observed, “Life has gotten more casual. They don’t realize the interview is a sales event.” Employers point out that most new employees come to the workplace with a sense of entitlement— “I am due this!” Are we missing out on many of the awesome benefits of living daily in God’s presence because we also have become casual in our approach to God?

The layout of the tabernacle was designed to prepare the priest to come into the presence of God. It required worship, holiness, and a recognition of God’s goodness and grace. That God has invited us into his throne room, does not mean we can bypass the steps of preparation. He still remains a holy, transcendent God who deserves to be approached with great respect. Coming boldly before the throne of grace does not mean we can come recklessly and irreverently. God owes us nothing. Salvation does not entitle us to demand an audience with and blessings from God. God is Abba, Father, but that is not all he is.


What steps could you take to better prepare for your worship experience?


Out of my doubts and fears, I come to acknowledge you.

Out of my forgetfulness, I come to remember you.

Out of my indifference, I come to love you.

Out of my sin, I come with repentance.

Out of my darkness, I come to your light.

Out of my weakness, I come to your strength.

Out of my restlessness, I come to your peace.

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Deb Hunt May 17, 2013 at 9:44 am


To you oh Lord
And you alone
I bow my head
Kneel at your throne
I give my heart
My mind my soul
To you my King
I surrender all
Behind the veil
That sacred place
Where you reveal
Our Fathers grace
So long to be
Just one with you
If nothing else
That’s all I’ll do


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