Renewal Reading—May 8

by mjongsma on May 8, 2013

True Worship


John 4:16-24


Verse 23: But the time is coming—indeed it’s here now—when true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. The Father is looking for those who will worship him that way.


The Well Woman sought to deflect Jesus’ piercing glance into her soul, by shifting the conversation to religious debates—where worship should take place. Of course, Jesus didn’t take the bait. Religion is about man’s efforts to reach God, but worship is about our response to God’s efforts to reach us. God is looking for those who will subdue their flesh and give him full access to their spirit. True worship is standing spiritually naked before God and resisting the temptation to cover or justify the revealed flaws. God is looking for those who will not measure their righteousness by the standard of their traditions and formulas, but by the standard of truth—Jesus Christ. True worship is moving beyond our natural tendency to attempt to control God or to put him in our self-centered, self-designed, self-serving box. Worship is not a performance or an event; it is the response of a heart that encounters the living God. It is a humble awareness of our own smallness in the presence of God’s greatness. It is the expression of joy and gratitude at the realization of the goodness of God.


In what ways do you see yourself attempting to control God in worship?


Lord, please forgive me for attempting to control you in worship. Give me the courage to give myself freely and wholly to you without reservation. Help me to learn how to set aside anything that stands between me and you, that I may experience you fully. Help me to be dissatisfied with anything less than this.

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