Journey readings:
February 17 – February 23, 2013

by Living Springs Community Church on February 15, 2013

“The Journey” is Living Springs’ commitment to read at least a chapter of the Bible every day. We all follow the same reading schedule so that we can encourage each other along the way. And our pastors post occasional blogs about the readings to instruct and inspire us.

Want to join the Journey? This week’s daily readings are listed below, along with some questions to guide your reading. Sign up for the Journey blog, and you’ll receive the weekly reading schedule in your email inbox!

 Genesis 3

Of what tree were Adam and Eve not to eat?  Who tricked them into eating of the tree?  What curse did God put on the serpent?  What curse did God put on the man?  What curse did God put on the woman?

  Genesis 4

Why wasn’t Cain’s offering respected by God?  Why did God’s judgment worry Cain?  What consolation did Cain receive from God?  Who was born to Adam in place of Abel?

 Genesis 5

Who walked with God and was taken sooner by Him?  From what son of Adam was Noah?  Who were Noah’s sons?

 Genesis 6

Who were the sons of God that looked on the daughters of men?  Who did God find that was righteous?  What were the dimensions of the ark?

 Genesis 7

How many days did it rain on the earth?  How many people were on the ark?  Where were the animals of the seas?

 Genesis 8

How many days did the ark float on the water after the rains had stopped?  How many months did it take the water to decrease to see the mountains?  In which month of the year did the earth finally dry up?



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